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At Atlant Removals, we value your time, and we offer you a video survey with our surveyor, with whom you can discuss all your questions related to your move. Our agent will take you on a virtual tour of your home.

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About us
Atlant Removals is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and operates in England and Scotland. We provide professional removals service in House removals, Business removals, Office relocation, Packing and Storage, Furniture assembly, Motorbike transport service, Furniture and Large item delivery, Man and Van service. You can count on Atlant removals for a stress-free move
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Moving checklist
4 weeks before
4 weeks before
  • Organise your moving company
  • Arrange your mail redirection
  • Start cleaning outside areas, such as the shed and garden
  • Arrange for utility connections at your new home
3 weeks before
3 weeks before
  • Start to run down the contents of your freezer
  • Anything that isn’t absolutely necessary for the next two weeks e.g. seasonal items and spare items like duvets or towels, can be packed
  • Arrange for childcare or pet care for the day of the move, if necessary
  • Register for the GP and children’s school records to their new school
2 weeks before
2 weeks before
  • Finish packing up the items that you haven’t stored yet
  • Make sure you also pack a bag or box that is full of your essentials, such as a change of clothes, blankets, snacks, and toiletries, so that you don’t need to rummage through boxes on your first night in your new place
  • Inform you family and friends of your new address
1 week before 
1 week before 
  • Dismantle any shelving, take-down any pictures, and remove any fitted items that are coming with you
  • Repair any scrapes, scratches, nail holes, or marks in the house you’re leaving
  • Remember to redirect your TV licence since it won’t automatically change to your new property
3 days before
3 days before
  • Do your laundry so that you don’t have to cart dirty clothes to your new home
  • Empty and defrost your freezer
  • Make sure plants are drained of excess water
  • Make sure you canceled and/or redirected scheduled deliveries
1 days before
1 days before
  • Contact your utility companies e.g. gas, electric and water, to let them know of your moving date and new address
  • Empty and defrost your fridge
  • Disconnect any appliances that you’re taking with you e.g. the cooker, washing machine, dishwasher etc.
  • Throw away any leftover food that has an expired date. Make sure all of your long-lasting foods are packed carefully and tightly so they won’t spill
On moving day
On moving day
  • Get the kettle, cups and supplies from your Moving Day Survival Kit. You can set up a coffee and tea station with water and snacks for when you need a break
  • Read utility meters in your new home – take photos on your phone to keep them safe
  • Make sure you have personally taken cash, documents, jewellery, keys with you to your new home
What our customers say
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I’m very happy with the Atlant removals team, who helped me manage my move nice and smooth. High standards team. (House removals)
Henry J.
I cannot recommend Atlant Removals as much as I could. They were brilliant! Amazing value for money, professionals have taken all the stress away. (House removals)
Andy S.
We would highly recommend Atlant Removals. They were efficient, helpful, on time and went out of their way to help us out on a tight time scale. Extremely competitively priced and community-minded. Good job, thanks. (Business removals)
John P.
My partner and I were really, really impressed with this service. I was actually in awe of how quickly and efficiently these guys worked. They improved on our packing job making all our boxes much more secure. They were friendly and easy to deal with. I couldn't recommend these guys enough, and will certainly be using them for any more moves we may have in the future! (House removals)
Thomas H.
I had to order a full packing of my flat and move it to storage for certain reasons. Atlant proved to be of the highest standard. They packed my entire apartment very quickly and very well. I was very worried about the mirror and the TV, but Vlad and his team made very good and safe packaging. I highly recommend it, and I will use it in the future. (Apartment move to storage)
Emma S.
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